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Syntax Sense Anniversary


12€/15€ (21/23h)

:::::::::: LIVE Sets ::::::::::

Caveman (Purple Hexagon Rec.)

"Born and bred in the heart of Italy, GIANLUCA VOCALE aka CAVEMAN is a young and promising artist with a distinct touch in psytrance music production. His deep and diverse musical knowledge is rooted in the study of musical instruments such as the guitar and drums.
After cruising different music styles, he started exploring psytrance music first as a dj and then as a producer, collaborating with Quarion Tribe in the organization of psytrance parties.
The opportunity to play and test his music in dancefloors all over Italy led to a personalisation of his sound, that can be described as a spontaneous blend of sound spirals and colours with atmospheric basslines.
Caveman's music is fresh, uplifting and unpretentious, reflecting his simple approach to life and the skills he developed in the art of bread making. In fact, all his sounds are carefully crafted and combined to create a substantial music flow that take on significance and evolves to fulfil your ears.
As you will often hear him say: Music is my bread and bread is my music".


Ianuaria (Bluehoursounds)

"I started treading my musical path at the age of 6, taking drum lessons at music school for 11 years, and during that time, i played in various kinds of bands and ensembles.In 1996 i started djing Psytrance and, caught by the fever, i started to produce my first own tunes in 2002.
My first album "Da capo al fine" (Hardboiled Records, 2007) brought me international credit and also some single track releases on Glowing Flame Records and various other labels.
Now i am signed with Blue Hour Sounds Records (http//, and after a successful, digital EP release (The full spectrum EP´s), I am ready to present my second album "Beware of the fish" in 2011.

It is all about music .I describe my music as experimental psychedelic twisted, and took alot of inspiration from the oldscool sounds of the early 90´s like Koxbox,Psychopod, X-Dream, Hallucinogen, TIP, Parasense,Orichalcum, Slinky Wizard, Etnica, Doof,MWNN, Elysium, Prana, Hux Flux, old Rastaliens, Total Eclipse,old Xenomorph, Logic Bomb and many more......"


Dezibel (Epiphysis Rec. // BAM Rec.)

"My name is Moritz Koenig aka Dezibel and I'm a "Progressive Trance" producer from Austria. My musical career started in the age of seven with playing the violin and three years later i also started to play the guitar. In the age of 15 I got in contact with the psytrance scene and it hit me like a bomb. When I turned 16 I started to spin the turntables and played on several regional parties. Not even a year later I tried to produce my own beats and fell in love with creating my own music. Until now my style developed into a mix of harmonic, playful and atmospheric melodies combined with a deep progressive forward pushing bass."

Syntax Sense feiern Geburtstag....


CAVEMAN live (Purple Hexagon Rec.)

IANUARIA live (Bluehoursounds)

DEZIBEL live (Epiphysis Rec. // BAM Rec.)

SABSUNSHINE (Soundlab Pirates)


SKY FIDELITY (Magnitud Rec. Tripudium)

SODOM (Syntax Sense)

GENESIS (WooDog Rec.// Syntax Sense)

BANANA JOE (Mental Drop Rec. // Syntax Sense)

MAHUT (Interface Rec MX // Syntax Sense)

BIONIC (WooDog Rec. // Syntax Sense)

Deko by Syntax Sense Aufs Aug!

Chill&Chai by Moonroom