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Tea Vuckovic
(Tauten,Leap4rog,2manymore,Eco Festival,Slovenien)

Positive energy, great selection of fine tunes and a unique feeling for controlling the crowd are main characteristics of this musically addiced DJane, who's love for electronic music has been growing since her very young age. She is diving into the electronic dance scene with a strong devotion to her work and despite the fact that she has just been active since 2011, her list of gigs is very impressive. After conquering slovenian dance floors, she quickly moved forward and is invading the parties and festivals all around Europe. She was playing alongside DJs like Sven Vath, Dubfire, The Advent & Industrialyzer, Sam Paganini, DJ Rush, Umek etc. Her hard work doesn't stop with playing and producing music. She is also very active in the organisation field and she plays a major role in the promotion of some of the most important events in the slovenian electronic music scene. All that puts her and her work to the path of constant drive and elevation and by staying true to her style and keeping the love of techno strong, she makes the best out of every performance.

Marko Lük

Marko Lük is the head of the team that is keeping underground techno alive in Maribor. Electronic music has been his passion since ever and he draws his inspiration from various music styles. His production also is not stylistically confined and reaches from the dynamic and industrial techno to chill out and experimental. Due to being infected by industrial rhythm since the beginning of the millennium, he has committed to spread the dark spirit of underground techno throughout the world.

Rene Reiter
(Collabs,Carbon Audio)


(Fortissimo/Combined Forces)

Dino Chelsea
(Carbon Audio)

Patrick K
(Carbon Audio)

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